Our services

Our digital expertise ranges from Display Advertising to Performance Based Marketing, from Mobile to Real Time Bidding, and from Social Media to Search Engine Marketing.

Social Media

Naturally, DMENZO has the necessary Social Media expertise. To establish direct contact and engagement with the target group and initiate interaction, social networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are used, but not without losing sight of the viral aspect.

This makes it possible to draw attention to products and services, influence brand perception and the company’s reputation, or even stimulate both online and offline sales.
Our Social Media Marketeers are 24/7 dedicated to reach your marketing/sales goals. From Engagement to Conversion.

Curious about all the possibilities? DMENZO develops custom-made solutions based on your input and uses various tools to provide insight into the results - results that go beyond the campaign level.

Mobile & In-app

Mobile Advertising involves advertising on smart phones and Tabvertising on, for example, iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tabs (Android/ IOS). Developments within the mobile market and its ever increasing popularity have made advertising on devices an increasingly important component of online marketing. According to studies, the impact of a mobile advertisement is more direct and greater than with any other form of Display Advertisement. It is often also more conversion-effective.

DMENZO has many years of experience with advertising using these types of tools and formats. Moreover, thanks to an extensive network and our specialists, every campaign can be carried out successfully within the total strategy. Curious about all the possibilities? DMENZO can help you develop your mobile strategy.

Display & Video

We successfully run branding campaigns on video platforms, tablets and other media. We can even conduct a campaign based on the shared revenue principle under well agreed conditions.

Whatever your goals, we can provide the right insights. The media landscape is continuously changing. After the introduction of user generated content, web 2.0 and social media, we are now witnessing a shift of attention towards the ‘real-time’ programming. It is therefore not surprising that the Internet is often an integral part of the media strategy and an excellent approach to reaching your target group.

DMENZO takes care of the entire Display Advertisement process from start to finish. Our work starts by advising the most efficient strategy and does not end until the campaign has completely run its course and is evaluated together with you.

Search Engine Marketing

DMENZO has several Adwords Qualified Professionals, Analytics Qualified Professionals, Social Media Experts among its staff and is a Google Certified Partner.

Your Search Engine campaigns are structured with your goals in mind, continuously monitored and optimised by our Search specialists (Analytics or, for example, Omniture). These activities are carried out by our Search department SEARCH ENZO.

In addition to paid advertisements within the various search engines (SEA), the results can also form the basis of targeted organic traffic to your website at the Search Engine Optimisation level (SEO). Search Enzo advises on how to significantly improve the ranking of your website in search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo Search.

Analysis & Insights

DMENZO can analyse your website and customise it to your goals and target audience. Our Quick Scans and Web Analysis reports reflect technical usefulness, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and commercial effectiveness.

Our experience, expertise and clearly measured data are used to review and analyse your website. The results are used to achieve the desired optimisation, leading to better results and a higher conversion rate.

The website analysis forms the basis of successful Branding or Conversion campaigns.

Creation & Techniques

DMENZO can develop the concept, creation and technique for your online campaigns in collaboration with its sister company Creationline.

After all, the coordination of creation and strategy ensures that all elements of your online presence link up seamlessly for maximum results.

The development of digital media creation & techniques, ranging from banners and action pages to fully fledged CMS systems, takes place in house and forms the basis for successful campaigns, thanks to the direct link between the media strategy and creative execution.

DMENZO, your partner in business!