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DMENZO is an independent agency specialising in digital media strategy, planning, optimisation, monitoring and buying. As an independent full-service agency, we are the ultimate business partner. You can turn to us for all your online needs worldwide and we can lend you a helping hand at any knowledge level. We are closely involved in every individual element and every moment of a successful campaign.



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Our vision


Ten years ago, the demand for online expertise began to grow rapidly. We noticed that many agencies and advertisers were experiencing a higher demand for knowledge of the online market. DMENZO was established in response to these developments.


Our digital expertise ranges from Display Advertising to Performance Based Marketing, from Mobile to Real Time Bidding, and from Social Media to Search Engine Marketing. Naturally, we always take into account the ever-growing use of mobile devices.

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Business Intelligence


DataEnzo is capable to convert generic media data into usable integrated Marketing information.


Media, and online (social) media in particular, is developing rapidly and the possibilities are expanding daily. DataEnzo makes sure that you know what constitutes realistic goals for ‘tomorrow’, based on information and results from ‘yesterday and today.’ For your private version of DataEnzo, you can use all your own data to make campaign reports and predict the next campaign outcome.

Report tool

DataEnzo is a so called Business Intelligence System and was developed in order to integrate relevant online/offline data to see whether a campaign has actually been successful or not.


By taking into account external conversion factors such as; news of the day, social buzz, weather conditions, malfunctions on payment platforms, and internet downtimes, you are able to see what factors have affected the campaign. There are 15 (non-) influenceable conversion factors in total that affect the success of a campaign.
By making use of these, you can interpret data as integrated information 24/7 and 365 days a year. Your marketing, media and/or sales department can communicate and monitor results in a very easy way.